Choco Chef

Project Management

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Marketability Test project

My team and I, delivered screenshots, icons, banners, trailers, and thumbnails.

My responsibilities:

  • Visual Concept Development
  • Storyboarding and Wireframing
  • Art Direction for Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Art Asset Requests
  • Art Asset Pipeline Management
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Creative Critique and Feedback
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Recommendations for Game Dev

is it possible to "respawn" 2 weeks

My team manager informed me we had to find a way to cut 2 weeks of the project to meet an important milestone. Challenges like this motivates me, and knowing this could impact my team and the project negativity, meant I had to find a solution quickly.

I went through possible ways of pulling time out of thin air and neded up doing just that, by looking at time we had already spent. I recommended using a high performing marketability test project we had already completed, as a guideline for Choco Chefs marketablity test.

It meant we could skip 2 weeks of concepting and idea generating, start at production and not just deliver on time but give us the operopportunity to compare the two tests at a later point.

The devil's in the details, leave them for the end or time will be wasted and darlings will have to die

Getting some of the way is better than non of the way

There are many ways to choose a game title, many opinions on what’s right and wrong.

It’s easy to get lost if you walk without a destination in mind, walking in circles cluless to wether you arrived or not.

I recommended to pick two values to define what an ideal title should provide for us and why. The destination might not be perfect, but we knew when we had arrived! 

it makes me so proud when my feedback unlocks the full potential of what I see in my teams work

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Sr. Creative Marketing Manager