Social Media Strategy

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The Launch Campaign

When Metroland hit soft launch it was with a 2 week social media campaign supporting the release.

The campaign was based on a concept using the dynamic between the motivations of the “good guys” vs “the bad guys” as a way to create interest in the game and the characters.

The campaign did not go live without us having to make considerate last minute changes due to horrible world events unraveling, in the first week of our campaign.

when changes needs to be made yesterday

 I always like to air on the side of caution and have a plan. So as soon as I saw what seemed to be unfolding in the news. I made my team manager aware of my concerns and gave him my recommendations for what could be done. He went to the stakeholders to get their go ahead to continue as planned or to make the changes I had suggested.

There was a bit of a hold up, so I started to prepare the assets needed to replace the ones I saw as problematic, so we had them just incase. At first we got the go ahead to continue as planned but then just as we were about to go live they changed their mind.

Had I not followed my gut here this would have meant we would likely have had to postpone the campaign and not had enough time to do the full promotion before the game went live.


For the first week of the event all kiloo social media platforms were re-branded as if they were owned by Megacorp.

I scheduled multiple posts for each day, such as wanted posters, banned items posters, Megacorp propaganda and drone recordings.

Each post had a link that would lead to app store but it was played off as a contact link, for players to get a sense of discovery when clicked.

The Rebels

After the first week of Megacorp content it was time for the Rebels to “hack” Megacorps facebook account.

The Rebels then added their own banners, profile images and posts to all our platforms.

Poking fun at  Megacorp, teasing them, using Megacorps own content to make respones.

My main goal here was to reveal all charactres, tease levels and show off items and power combinations.

the outcome

The campaign proved a point I had been trying to make about how important it is to upload content and at a higher frequency. We should not be so scared of repeating content and messages often, as it’s unlikely to land in front of the same set of eyes. 

The risk of not being seen, outweighs the risk of having two similar posts repeat in one persons feed. 

The content was received well by players, engagment on our page more than doubled for the period where the campaign was live and dropped as soon as the campaign ended making it clear how big of an impact it had.

a throwback to my first weeks of content creation

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Sr. Creative Marketing Manager