Update Production & Visual Optimization

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update production

My team and I were responsible for screenshots, banners, trailers, SoMe content. 

My responsibilities:

  • Art Direction for Marketing
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Creative Critique and Feedback
  • Visual Concept Development
  • Art Asset Production
  • Art Asset Pipeline Management
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Setting up system for localization
  • Setting up system for export
  • Exporting localized versions

taking what I have learned from subway surfers production

In an effort to prepare for the future updates, I tried to come up with a system that would make it easier for us to do this.

Areas that was included in this were having the characters and elements done seperate from ther gameplay screenshots, that way we could try out we did not have to make new poses and do clean up eveytime we would make an update, simply just use the same camera placement and get a lot of nice background shots to find the best ones.

Having a good export template, the screenshots were made so we only needed to make 5 and place them into masters that would make them work for the other formats we needed to export.

That way we could spend less time on the exporting and localizations and more time on making the screenshots as great as possible.

landscape Screenshot Optimization


screenshot concepts from development

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager