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Brand Identity & Print Production

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Payed close attention to detail in the logo design, print materials, and overall aesthetic to create a polished, professional brand identity.
Developed easy-to-update templates for print materials, ensuring consistency and streamlining production as their firm grew over the last decade.
Enhanced and retouched photos for marketing materials, creating visually appealing assets that reinforced their brand message.
Managed prepress production, ensuring high-quality printed materials that accurately reflected their brand identity and met professional standards.

What she did

the 8 most impactful skills

Seasoned in leading marketing initiatives from concept to completion, ensuring timely delivery.

Crafts compelling brand identities, including logos, that leave a lasting impression.

Enhances photos and designs eye-catching materials like business cards, calendars, and flyers.

Prepares files for flawless printing, ensuring perfect transition from digital to physical media.

Builds strong relationships with clients, prioritizing clear communication and meeting their unique needs.

Strategically designs for longevity and adaptability, ensuring solutions remain relevant and effective as technology and trends evolve.

Broad understanding of typography, skillfully selecting and utilizing fonts to create clear, impactful designs.

Able to generate original and engaging mindmaps using tools like Miro, to effectively visualize and communicate ideas, strategies and concepts.

Foresight & craftsmanship

An adaptable brand identity that allowed for company growth

By crafting a timeless logo with a robust font and easy-to-update design templates, she provided Stage Advokatfirma with a brand identity and print materials that could easily adapt to their growth from a small firm of 3+ to over 20+ employees.

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