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Revamped LinkedIn presence to enhance talent acquisition.

Crafting visually engaging job post layouts aimed to improve candidate perception of the company & stand out in a photo crowded feed.

Project Goals:

  • A unified professional visual front
  • Support desktop and mobile
  • Easy to use template system
  • Flexible layout
  • Support video and imagery layout
  • Content should stand out from current content in feed

choosing direction

She conducted a deep dive into the social media landscape of leading gaming companies to understand what resonates most with audiences.

This extensive research, combined with the established Kiloo Games aesthetic, led to a clear vision for the brand identity update.

"A Bold, Cohesive Look"

The new visual direction, featuring a striking dark theme with blue accents and signature Kiloo Games characters, seamlessly aligns with the recently revamped website. This ensures a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

"Designed with Purpose"

Each visual element, including the strategic use of gradients for job postings, serves a specific purpose. This creates a visually rich experience while maintaining clear hierarchy and readability, ensuring the most important information stands out.

"Built for Engagement "

By incorporating "game-like" elements and leveraging the popularity of our beloved characters, we're fostering deeper connections with our audience. This playful yet sophisticated approach has proven to capture attention and drive engagement in the past.

"Ready to level-up"

Beyond the initial impression, the plan was to stay focused on continuous improvement. By utilizing data analytics to track engagement and optimize the approach further, ensuring our social media presence remained impactful and reflected the dynamic gaming community we served.

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager