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Social Media Strategy & Community Awareness

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Social Media strategy

In collaboration with stakeholders and my team managers, I produced social media strategies for projects like, Metroland and the games going into soft launch.

My responsibilities:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Planning and Scheduling
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Audience Research
  • Innovation and Trends
  • Crisis Management
  • Platform Management
  • Training and Development

different platforms, different people, different content

Diversity shines through the content shared on social media platforms. Captivating visuals, concise thoughts, longer narratives, and collaborative discussions.

Recognizing what makes each platform unique is important not just to understand its demographic but also for developing a strategy to create content that resonates with the different communities present online.

Make social media a place to expand your game

When you use social media for storytelling, it’s like creating a vibrant mosaic of content that invites players into the heart of the adventure.

Letting players really get to know characters, dive into complex plots, and get to know the game on a deeper level.

youtube shorts, tiktok and Reels

There is something special about these types of platforms. Back when it all began I was hooked, I could see the potential these platforms provided, and dove deep into the world of fast-paced media consumption.

I’m looking forward to use my observations and explore the strategies I have developed to unlock the potential I see.

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager