subway surfers

Update Production & Workflow Optimization

All creatives are property of Kiloo Games

Update Production

Each month we delivered between 40-60 creatives for the coming update.

Tasks were shared between our small team, rotating the tasks each update.

We were responsible for screenshots, banners, trailers, SoMe content and assisting with UI tasks when needed.

a balance between light, perspective and details

How to capture a game in 5 shots

When creating screenshots and banners, I prioritize:

Staying true to the game, highlighting what makes the update unique, with beautiful details and atmosphere. 

Presenting all creatives in an immersive and cohesive visual story, aiming to capture how it feels to play.

we supported over 70 updates with store creatives & marketing content

Workflow optimization

Subway Surfers was an amazing production with a tight update schedule.

Leaving limited time for exploration and content development.

I wanted to increase output and give us freedom to execute new ideas.

a Chronomancer with Creative Efficiency

In an effort to free up time I implemented Unity Preset Guidelines and Photoshop Export Templates.

This led to fewer feedback rounds and corrections required, while ensuring the quality and a consistent style of our creatives.

Freeing up one production week, allowing us to explore concepts more extensively and pursue new content ideas.

creatives ▴before▴ and ▾after▾ implementation

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager