Social Media Strategy & crisis management

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The Launch Campaign

Pivoted and adapted Metroland’s launch campaign in real-time due to unforeseen global events. Demonstrated sensitivity and strategic agility to ensure brand alignment.

Campaign Goals:

  • Establish player expectations
  • Create game awareness
  • Drive traffic to app stores
  • Introduce playable characters
  • Introduce items & core mechanics
  • Promote USPs
  • Include how it feels to play
  • Deepen the game’s story arc
  • Create an immersive experience

The Value of a Contingency Plan

She recognized potential issues arising from unfolding news events. Collaborating with her team manager, she outlined alternative strategies and gained stakeholder buy-in. Anticipating potential roadblocks, she proactively developed the assets needed to implement her contingency plan.

This strategic approach proved invaluable; her foresight allowed for a smooth course correction, ultimately ensuring the campaign’s timely and effective promotion.


To kick off the event, she orchestrated a complete social media rebrand, transforming Kiloo platforms into the digital domain of Megacorp.

Daily posts, wanted posters, propaganda, mysterious drone recordings, drew players in with a sense of wonder and need to know more.

Hidden links disguised as contact forms fueled the sense of discovery, subtly guiding players towards the app store while revealing characters, items, and gameplay.

The Rebels

Following the Megacorp-themed week, she staged a digital rebellion.

“Hacking” into Kiloo’s platforms, the Rebels replaced Megacorp’s presence with their own bold aesthetic. Playful jabs and witty repurposing of Megacorp content added humor and defiance.

This strategic shift cleverly revealed characters, teased level designs, and showcased exciting item and power combinations.

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

This campaign served as a powerful case study for the value of frequent, high-quality content. It showed that the fear of repetition often leads to less visibility, demonstrating that consistent messaging is vital in a crowded online space. The risk of being overlooked is far greater than the risk of a slightly repetitive feed.

Campaign metrics proved the point: engagement more than doubled during the active period, quickly fading away as soon as it ended, a testament to the strategy’s success.

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