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subway surfers

For the recent updates they produced content packages and if they had time they would explore new trends and concepts.

They pushed both themselves, the game and Unity to the limits many times, in an effort to find new ways to promote the game and its features.

They had to be creative and think out of the box to find ways to record, manipulate the levels and pose characters to make what they wanted.

While doing their best to make images and videos worth engaging wtih!

The power of music

There’s something about the music, it’s not just what she observed in feedback from players of Subway Surfers, but in general. It’s a time machine. When you hear those familiar sounds, it’s like a flashback to all the awesome moments you’ve had in the game.

The victories, the laughs, the epic adventures. It’s not just a reminder, it’s an open invitation to jump back in, relive those memories, and get lost in the game world.

9 Videos, 4.6 Million Views

A few of the best performing concepts she created and helped her team produce

chasing trends and adapting to algorithmic changes

Subway Surfers is a numbers game, she knew the players wanted to see that high score go up!

she fell in love with the world of subway surfers

Something that caught her off guard was how much she would enjoy creating backgrounds and pose characters.

It motivated her to develop new ways to make pixels come to life, in an effort to tell stories that connected with players and created an immersive atmosphere that made you pause for a second longer.

a throwback to her first weeks of content creation

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