Paw Puzzles

Project Management & Soft Launch Preparations

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Soft Launch Project

My team and I, delivered screenshots, icons, banners, trailers, and thumbnails.

My responsibilities:

  • Visual Concept Development
  • Storyboarding and Wireframing
  • Art Direction for Marketing
  • Art Asset Requests
  • Art Asset Pipeline Management
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Creative Critique and Feedback
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Recommendations for Game Dev

From Marketability Test to Soft Launch

Marketability Test Project

When preparing for soft launch the goal was to take the marketability test line-up and see how much we could simplify it without loosing the meaning.

The key selling points, art style and features had also been defined more clearly at this stage, and as a result I changed the order of a few features to repecent that.

Soft launch Trailer

This was where I got to use all my expirience working with content production, using the insights I had gathered over the years from our own games, our marketability tests and our social media content.

Making something we could be very proud of. Sadly Paw Puzzles never got it’s chance, and I will always wonder how it could have turned out.

Disclaimer this video is still work in progress, however I really wanted to share.

My team did such a great job brining the concept to life.

the end of an amazing adventure

Paw Puzzles became my last project at Kiloo Games, it allowed me tremendous growth as a Senior Creative Marketing Manager.

I was entrusted with defining the project’s creative marketing direction and full production management, which taught me a lot about cross collaboration and task management on a larger scale. I gained valuable insights and adaptability that will bring forward in my next adventure.

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Sr. Creative Marketing Manager