Dragons & Diamonds

Project Management & Art Asset requests

All creatives are property of Kiloo Games

Marketability Test project

My team and I, delivered screenshots, icons, banners, trailers, and thumbnails.

My responsibilities:

  • Visual Concept Development
  • Storyboarding and Wireframing
  • Art Direction for Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Art Asset Requests
  • Art Asset Pipeline Management
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Creative Critique and Feedback
  • Stakeholder Collaboration

Give me a feature map and I'll give you a story

art asset request

There is nothing more rewarding than watching a concept come to life through talented artists.

As an artist my self I have the ability to be able to both understand the complexity of what I am requesting and communicate it effectively.

Reducing the amount of feedback rounds needed.

parts of the process

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager