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Project Management & timeline challenges

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Led the creative production and marketing strategy of the marketability test project, beating profitability goals, resulting in the game achieving approval for further development.
Developed a strong creative direction with a relatable theme and storyline to appeal to the target audience.
Strengthened team collaboration through workshops and inclusive decision making, ensuring everyone was aligned on the project's vision.
Optimized asset production and overcame a shortened deadline by adapting insights from a previous projects.
Made data-driven decisions and maintained clear communication throughout the project.

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Accelerating Marketability

A 6-Week Success for a Cozy Match-3 Puzzle Game

As the Sr. Creative Marketing Manager she led the creative production of a time sensitive marketability test project for a new match-3 puzzle game targeting women 30+. 

The test aimed to estimate conversion rate,  outperform a profitability target, and measure key metrics like CTR and user retention. A deadline shift from 8 to 6 weeks intensified the challenge.

The Challenge

Time was of the essence. Could the team deliver under pressure?

The main challenge was delivering high-quality marketing assets within the shortened timeframe. This required a clear creative direction, strong team collaboration, and strategic use of existing resources.

Project Planning

  • Task Breakdown: She broke the project into key phases, maintaining project progress transparency and realistic delivery expectations for stakeholders.

  • Risk Mitigation: Anticipating potential challenges with art assets requests, she prepared a plan based on previous collaborations.

  • Team Alignment: Created a shared timeline with clear expectations, milestones and productive feedback check-ins, keeping the team motivated and on track.

  • Team Utilization: Understanding each team member’s strengths, she strategically assigned tasks, ensuring everyone’s skills were used to their full potential and driving high-value outcomes.
Cross-Team Workshop - Early Concept Direction Lock

Concept development highlight

The Approach

A strong vision and streamlined processes were key for timely execution.

  • Creative Direction: She focused on a nostalgic, homestyle visual theme and wrote a relatable story with a female protagonist to engage the target audience.

  • Team Collaboration: She motivated team investment through workshops and used mood boards to create a unified vision for the game’s visual and narrative direction.

  • Asset Requests & Art Feedback: She streamlined the art asset request process, balancing timely delivery with the art team’s focus on quality. This included securing partially-completed visuals early on to maintain production momentum.

  • Problem-solving & Adaptability: She adapted elements from a previous successful test when the deadline was shortened, prioritizing efficiency without compromising the project’s core vision.
New Test
Previous Test
New Test
Previous Test

Adaptions based on concepts from previous marketability test.

Ads highlight

Adapting the ads using the storyboard concepts from an earlier marketability test, removed the need for storyboard generation, feedback and approval sessions allowing her team to jump straight into production and delivering at the 6 week deadline.

The "Alternative Gameplay" ad - Choco Chef

The "Alternative Gameplay" ad - Pepe´s Pizza Palace

The "Story + Gameplay" ad - Choco Chef

The "Story + Gameplay" ad - Pepe´s Pizza Palace

The Outcome

Did the team's efforts surpass expectations in the marketability test?

The marketability test was a success. The assets significantly outperformed the profitability target, achieving higher KPIs than the benchmark. Her focus on cross-team communication and collaboration, data-driven decision-making, problem-solving skills, and strategic planning proved crucial to this project’s success.

Stakeholder Feedback: “The Game Services team delivered above and beyond, even when faced with deadline changes. They managed to bring our game concept to life through high-quality ads and app store screenshots, providing test results leading us to secure continued game development and soft launch approval.”

highlight 3

Team & Role Acknowledgement

Success wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated teams.

As Sr. Creative Marketing Manager, she was responsible for creative direction, concept development, marketing strategy and project management. She built the strategy, she later used to select the game title in collaboration with stakeholders, she provided data-backed recommendations, advocating for a female protagonist and assisted her creative team in creation of assets, mainly through constructive feedback sessions.

For this project she collaborated on copywriting tasks in an effort to delegate the task fully in the future. She created the rough screenshot line-up and storyboard concepts, for the designers and editors to expand up on.

The contributions from teams and individuals, like the graphic designers, video editors, artists, UA/UXR and game development, made this project a reality.

Portfolio by sally storm

Sr. Creative Marketing Manager