Why I create

the master of none

"There is a tremendous allure in getting really good at one thing '...' it's important to me that my tools don't dictate the '...' things I'm able to create. Specialization breeds isolation & prevents collaboration."

"Every Tool is A Hammer" by Adam Savage

The short answer is that I have to, I love the process of creation, seeing an idea evolve into something that creates an experience, tells a story, makes a connection, unlocks a thought, shifts the view of an opinion, makes others relate or inspires to create something new, there is nothing better than that for me.

I’m currently in the process of reading “Every Tool is A Hammer – Life is what you make it” by Adam Savage. I grew up watching Mythbusters, I have seen every episode more than once and often on repeat. Watching them go through processes of research, exploration, problem solving, failing, learning and succeeding, had me locked every single episode.

I have always struggled with my creativity and how it seemed to shift as the wind blew. Learning a new craft or skill and trying yet another sport, reaching a point of greatness, then abandon it never to return, blaming my self for “always being like this“. I wanted more than anything just to be really great at one thing, rather than the “Jack of all trades” I was told by many not to become.

It took me years to realize that being a multi-passionate “maker” is a powerhouse of an ablity to have, I can look at something, understand it, visualize how it’s made and make it.

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Sr. Creative Marketing Manager