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Strength in Unity

Dear game services, thank you for everything

This is her letter of acknowledgement.

I started this journey more comfortable working on my own. Yet, this team changed that. If you told me years ago what we'd accomplish together, and the person I'd become in the process, I might not have believed it.

I’m looking back at our time together with pride and accomplishment, I don’t think many teams would have survived the amount of challenges and changes our team was subject to, and somehow we always found ways to push boundaries and make a visible impact that rippled outside our small team.

This would not have been possible without your ability to work together like a true sports team. You were fearless, supportive, flexible, honest and talented. You lifted each other up and cheered each other on, through highs, lows and tight deadlines. Delivering creatives for one ambitious project after another, raising the bar of what we and others thought to be possible each time.

Her endorsements of the talented people behind Game services success

"We fight as one!"

She built a foundation of trust with the team, leading by example and offering hands-on support when needed, while fostering their autonomy.

Munchies: Monster Match - Marketability Project

collaboration & team building

"Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!"

She promptly responded to a 2-week project deadline reduction, finding a solution within 2 hours that enabled the team to meet the new delivery date.

Choco Chef: Match & Create - Marketability Project

problem solving & Process improvement

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Sr. Creative Marketing Manager